Hi folks! Everybody is moving on 2.0 business ¿What are you doing now? Here are some headings, most of them in spanish, talkin about new products on web 2.0 launched by leading companies like Disney, Jazztel, IBM, Coca-Cola, Nokia and Banco Sabadell.

Disney joins social networking 2.0 race

La web 2.0 de Jazztel

IBM quiere introducir la Web 2.0 en el mundo empresarial

Las televisiones sucumben a los encantos de la web 2.0

Coca-Cola invade la Web 2.0

Nokia apuesta por la evolución de la Web 2.0 en el móvil

Banco Sabadell e IBM firma acuerdo para innovar sobre la red social Web 2.0

It’s time to launch a social network product NOW. ¿What are you doing now? Just think about it. Permanent brain mode on 🙂

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