Top 10 Twitter Applications

Here there is my top 10 twitter applications. I hope they are useful to optimize the time you expend on Twitter.

  1. Twitterfeed: Update via RSS.
  2. Twitdroid : Android application.
  3. Twittercounter: Stats for your profile and featured users.
  4. Friendorfollow: Check who is not following you back.
  5. TweetDeck: Twitter Desktop application. Best ever folks!
  6. Twitxr: Send pics to your Twitter profile via mobile or email.
  7. Adjix: Schedule and repeat your twits. Do not harrash!
  8. HelloTXT: Update your status on multiple socials like khaces .
  9. Brightkite: Nice web and mobile aplication using GPS. Nice to update your location.
  10. Socialoomph: Auto DM your new followers, Autofollow your followers.

If you want more read my original spanish article. Hope you enjoy it!

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